Beneficially active microbes for plants

30 Years of commercial agricultural technology meets the Cannabis Market

MaxMicrobe is a mixture of over 25 microbial strains that have a demonstrated ability to multiply and coexist together in close proximity. Several of these strains are multi-purpose or multi-functional and provide more than one benefit for plants and soils. This consortium of specific strains work in harmony to provide a multitude of benefits to plants in a variety of conditions and soils. This team of microbes includes:

  • 8 strains of free-living nitrogen fixing microbes that bring atmospheric nitrogen into the rhizosphere (root area) where it can become available to the plants
  • Several strains that can digest typically indigestible plant residue that can be put back into the rhizosphere to support the growth of the microbial community
  • 5 strains that can solubilize insoluble forms of phosphourus, making phosphorous available to the plants
  • Several strains that release compounds that help capture iron and make it available to the plants
  • Several strains that produce plant vitamins
  • 7 spore forming bacillus microbes

Currently utilized in over 2,000,000 acres of commercial agriculture.

MaxMicrobe is formulated with a blend of microbes with known capabilities to enhance the root zone and to enhance nutrient availability in the soil. These active beneficial bacteria are both aerobic (oxygen appreciative) and facultative (adaptive to low oxygen). MaxMicrobe can provide exceptional plant vigor and production by augmenting the rhizosphere activity. MaxMicrobe is made of several microbial strains from multiple species and genera. These strains aid in the production of siderphore, ingest typically indigestible plant residues, and solubilize insoluble forms of phosphorous. MaxMicrobe is safe, natural, and not genetically modified.

  • Improved nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium (N-P-K) uptake
  • Improved growth of root system, producing larger stems and stalks, leading to stronger plants
  • Improved yields through increased nutrient release and uptake
  • 9 microbial strains with total guaranteed analysis of 350,100,000 cfu/mL in each batch.