About Us

MaxMicrobe’s microbial blends were started more than 30 years ago by an applied microbiologist utilizing biotechnology for environmental applications. Early research and product development included; crop frost protection, biocontrol of root fungi and environmental bio-treatment. Today the company has isolated and assembled over 180 different microbial strains with special characteristics for agriculture, aquaculture, sludge, ground water and wastewater bio-treatment. Early work with crop frost protection and control of root fungi led to the development of special consortiums of microbes that co-exist in specific proportions. These blends have been honed and perfected with demonstrated enhanced yields in all agricultural, laboratory, greenhouse, independent and third party tests along with growers who continue to apply these products year after year.

In the late 1980’s microbes were not embraced by the agriculture community in the US partially because of all the improvements and strides being made by the chemical and fertilizer companies.  Fortunately during these times, other lesser developed countries with limited resources and access to fertilizers became interested in finding solutions to growing more with less. As a consequence, these blends were sought after in other countries where nutrient additives, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides were not readily available.  Today these natural products are widely used in many countries for greater yields and lower input costs.

This is where the blends were initially honed to capture existing nutrients in the soil that were not readily available to the plants and convert them for active uptake. Additionally they found that redundancy was necessary using different microbial strains in the blend for the same functions, i.e. phosphorous solubilization, nitrogen fixation, etc… This proved to be advantageous in situations where pathogenic native microbes overpowered some of the inoculated strains. It was also found that one blend could be used for multiple soil types and a vast number of plants.  These strains were also tested for compatibility with other strains when combined into the consortium to be certain that maximum viability is assured upon application.

Nearly five years ago MaxMicrobe agreed to make these first in class products available to growers throughout the US while continuing testing and trials in various regions and educating consumers on the benefits of these natural microbes for horticultural growing. University testing and independent testing has been conducted and has shown significant yield improvements. Our customer confirmed testing shows much greater yield improvement than 16% due to our extensive consortium of microbes.